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Using The MAPS Methods Approach | Success In Marketing

How You Can Success In Marketing Using The MAPS Methods In Any Of Your Business Projects

What are the MAPS Methods and what do they imply?

When I say MAPS Methods… I meant the required methodic abilities you need to run a business project in which your goal to attain maximum success in marketing as regarding your vision must be:

  • Measurable 
  • Attainable
  • Predictable  and 
  • Strategical in your approach

Your Measurability * your Attainability * Your Predictability * Your Strategic formula = the MAPS Methods approach in any of your business project.


That means the project you have at hand must be measurable. You must be able to see and measure the End from the Beginning to know whether the obstacles or difficulties on the way relating to the project can be resolved considering your effort, resources, and outsources, are able to make the vision come true.

And the nature of the business or kind and methods of the business project must be well defined including the processes if success should be guaranteed.


In your measurement, you must see to it that the business project is Attainable, Not too Big, Not too Small, but just right (as facing the reality of your true self and what you can do). Don’t venture into any business you love and Aim Too High!

If you’re aiming too high (except you’re a professional) by trying to see that the business project should be too big or the results too huge, then you’re heading to failure. You must scale your strength and sustainability not just how you want to see the business or the results.

however, you must not underlook yourself towards any project or intimidated by it. First ask yourself, with what I know, with what I have, and with what I can do, can this project of mine be attained? Then go little by little until the vision is realized.

Don’t focus on how long it can take first for results. But first, focus on how attainable it can be based on how much you do or drive it on, before scaling time and results. And Be Willing to Give All It Takes


Everything like in any single step as a principle you take in your business project must be predictable to ensure results. That is to say, in a single-step or approach, your 1+1 must result in 2, or 2+3 result to 5. That is you must know what is going to happen next before as to the principle you put in place before engaging.

NOT by assuming. Assumption is a big crime to your business project. Every required principle must be known, well defined before applying.

Yes, it is good to do try by error sometimes if you’re ready to generate more experience but also allowing yourself the space to suffer many losses with determination to succeed. Lest you pay to learn from those who are already there and are succeeding.


No true successful business exist without any form of concretized formula or strategy in the process. You must be a strategic planner if true success will be your best friend. Set different alternative plans in your strategy.

You could have linear plans, Like plan 1, plan 2, and plan 3 or more… That means, if plan 1 fails, then plan 2, or plan 3 strategy is there to take over. You never depend on just one way to drive business progress regarding the challenges, especially the unknown challenges.

You may set up merch plans as well. That’s to say, you scale your ability to chronologically or systematically merch two, three, or four different plans together for a fast or large volume of success at once.

This is what it means by the MAPS Methods. Hence, in any of your business projects, your Measurability, Attainability, Predictability, and Strategic Formula must be diligently applied if you aim for maximum success.

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