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Affiliate Marketing - Becoming An Affiliate

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Affiliate marketing is one of the best types of online marketing in the internet world. All you need is to have a computer connect it with your Phone or WiFi Box charge with the internet credit to kickstart. Not just that... You don't get started in the air! Right? 

You need to know exactly your starting point, like

  1. First, defining what affiliate marketing is all about?
  2. What do you need in the process to get going?
  3. How much would it cost you like, are there some special tasks, and what are they? 
  4. How much can I Earn with Affiliate Marketing?
  5. It is something worth my time or worth giving a try?
  6. How do you begin in the first place?

So, what's affiliate marketing?

1. Definition Of Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing where you as an Entrepreneur or as a Marketer become a Publisher to promote someone's product known as a Vendor or an Advertiser to earn a commission.

Here, you simply earn a commission when you promote and sell someone's product(s) to clients using affiliate links from an advertiser or a vendor.

With affiliate marketing, you become the entrepreneur or as an influencer of your time with online marketing where:

  • You don't need a huge capital
  • No need to create your own product to sell
  • No need for any experience or technical knowledge in formulating any tool or coding
  • Stay at home or anywhere of your choice and do the work
  • You're the boss yourself
  • You have all the time you need and make the money in bliss

The only major challenge you'll certainly face here as a beginner is "the know-how"... like how everything works, and how to be effective in generating results.

So, What do you need to do first before starting off with affiliate marketing? Are they some requirements?

2. What you need to Do before Starting Off with affiliate marketing

Yes, there are some basic important requirements for you to feature effectively.

  • Understanding Affiliate Marketing - As an affiliate, you serve as an influencer in your niche, brand, or portfolio before being able to generate results.
  • Need to know your Niche by finding the right niche.
  • As a good affiliate, you'll probably need a website to provide usefully free content, get the right domain name congruent to your niche, and get hosted.
  • After setting up your site, start filling it with useful content. But you'll need to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and get it done for your site to be accessible by users who need that content there. But remember, there's nothing complicated here. Just a step at a time.
  • You'll also need the right tools to boost your site and to promote the product you're selling for maximum results.

Substantiating These Points a Little Bit Further

The First Point; "Understanding Affiliate Marketing. As an affiliate, you serve as an influencer in your niche, brand, or portfolio before being able to generate results.".

That means you must have something that you can use as a tool from within you (perhaps, your talent) that permits you to be able to convince someone making him/her believe and trust in you as to the point of buying from you.

Use your talents "Not lie" as it breaks the grounds for you. Be transparent and speak the truth. Real people prefer your truth though it might be difficult than to tell them the lies that disappoint them or break their hearts.

So, speak the truth, don't try to convince them in a cunny way or lie. It will affect but you twice or thrice the effect you cause on them.

There's nothing complicated here... Just know yourself and your "line of flow" which is your number one secret! Couple with the Understand and the Believe in the power of communication in your flow - "Is the gold mine"...

That's to say, communication is the KEY! But your ability to communicate correctly (appropriately) is the Master Key.

Moreover, "the content" of what you're communicating is KING. And you're approach or manner of presentation is where comes the formula.

Substantially, that is to say, the richness of your content or what you use in your content is what dominates the market. And communicating it the right way, using the right approaches is what opens the door for income flow.

Nothing more... all lies in communication - what they call content marketing. It is the content that brings in the money you're looking for.

That is what people are looking for; Not just the product itself because content equals solution.

That means, as a beginner, getting trained will be your target!

Getting trained will be your target for self-development as to know exactly

  • how to hit the nail at the head-point,
  • as to how to become more resourceful,
  • increase your efficacy and efficiency of work and results,
  • multiplying results with multiple streams, and
  • time maximization.

Hence, generating maximum outcome towards your goal.

But as a beginner, paying to get trained might be challenging at the start. So, at this point depending on your financial status, it's absolutely applicable you still get started with a free scratch course though.

A free scratch course can take you a long way in the process to begin seeing some significant results where you can then scale up or even go in for a paid course for more results.

The Second Point; "You need to know your Niche by finding the right niche".

A niche is a position particularly well suited to the person that occupies it. That's it!

Let's simplifies it a little bit and get some important lessons perpetual to your success.

Know your niche here means, get the awareness and the understanding of that particular position which you can best "Express" yourself naturally.

It is from there that you can easily flow just like water...

Water gives life because it can flow in any direction naturally in its state as a liquid, and is transparent.

What does it mean to you? That psychologically, you should be like water in your business having all these versatile qualities if you would succeed in it.

So in terms of flow, how do you position yourself?

By Nature, water use one major law to get to its end. "The Law Of Gravity".

As an Entrepreneur or as a good marketer, this can be interpreted to you as "PASSION" Passion will be your natural force of gravity pulling you forward to your end. So, make good use of your passion just like the water makes good use of gravity.

This is the Key, when you master your flow in your business you give life; hence, making the business profitable to you. Your Natural flow with consistency is everything through passion, - Passion to Help Others...

Now, a niche can also be defined in terms of Brands or products of their kind or species.

At this point, "know your niche" will be pointing to that specific type of product of a given brand like:

Digital; Digital product brands, - e.g. Software Products, specifically Cloud-based or Plugin software.

Wealth Niche; Wealth product brands, - e.g How to make money online (step by step blueprint....).

Health and Fitness Niche; Health product brands, - e.g. Food Supplements, Weight loss products, etc. 

Wellness Niche; Wellness product brands - e.g. Self-Development products like meditation, Physical Exercise programs or courses, and so on.

Info Niche; Info product brands, - e.g. eBooks, Courses or consultancy.

Woodwork Niche; Woodwork product brands, - e.g. Woodwork tools or Programs like on how to invest in woodwork with less capital, etc. These are some samples of niches and their relative products in their brands.

So, you need to find out which niche is branding and highly profitable then you give in to it.  Therefore, you need to know your niche by finding the right niche.

Note: Any of the Niches listed above are highly branding and profitable for you to easily make a choice that best fits you.   

The Third Point; After setting up your site, start filling it with useful content. But you'll need to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and get it done, for your site to be accessible by users who need that content there.

As a result, your site or content appears on search results visible for users, for easy access.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” In simple terms, it means the process of improving your site to increase its visibility on a search result when people search for products or services related to your business in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

The better visibility your pages get in search results, the more likely you are to garner attention and attract prospective and existing customers to your business.

Search Engine Land.

The Fourth Point; "As a good affiliate, you'll probably need a website to provide usefully free content, get the right domain name congruent to your niche, and get hosted".

Yes, of course. To be able to Establish a long-lasting profitable business, probably will require you to get a website.

In as much as you can still do affiliate marketing without a website, but is a short-term process and can be with little or no roots (authority) that still works pretty well.

But I strongly recommend, you get your personal or business website for the best.

The Fifth point; "You'll also need the right tools to boost your site and to promote the product you're selling for maximum results".

One of the most important reasons you probably need a website is to set everything on automation. 

That is to say, you don't necessarily need to keep doing the same thing all the time for profit. Do it once but let it continue generating you the results forever. 

And it is on your website that the over-roll programming of automation takes place.

So, after setting up everything, you then do less in terms of maintaining your setups, but continually getting the income flow.

For example, You are here reading this content because I wrote and publish it on my site for anybody to easily access it. Right?

So, I wrote this particular content once but many other people will come in and continue reading it.

This is automation. Once I did it, I don't need to keep repeating the same thing over and over again before seeing consistent results. No, do it Once and it does the rest for you over time.

I may only come back for a cross-check in case need be for any correction or add more content to it. That's it folk.

3. How much would it cost you like, are there some special tasks, and what are they? 

If you can get your website and everything set up, then start running affiliate marketing wouldn't cost you anything since most of those programs you apply for are free.

All you need is to apply for one or two or more programs, get approved then use the link and start promoting by sending traffic to it.

But promoting a link can be done by reviewing a product you want to promote, by Ad, social media marketing, mouth-to-mouth talk, or by email marketing, and so no...

However, affiliate marketing can cost you some extra money depending on what you want; since it requires some techniques in the setup process on how you want to promote it.

For example: If you want to acquire more skills promoting affiliate products, you'll certainly spend some extra money on affiliate marketing course(s). 

And if you want to do your promotion with ads to drive quick and huge traffic to your offer, you'll certainly spend some money to run ads.

So, if you want to do your promotion with paid Ads, it will as well requires some amount say, $50 - $100 to invest in Ads, like with Google Ads, Bing Ads, Pinterest Ads, Facebook Ads, or on any profitable Native Ads platform.

Besides, many people prefer to drive free traffic to their offers using their website by providing (thorough) reviews, or by capturing people's emails on their sites to promote products via their email list, or drive free traffic through social media marketing.

However, all these processes are tasks that require work, effort, and determination to see success.

4. How much can I earn with affiliate marketing?

In reality, the amount you can earn with affiliate marketing is Not fixed... you can earn quite so little depending on your input factors, like how much you give in, how much consistent you are, etc, or you could even earn up your way to financial freedom.

However, the earning potential of affiliate marketing is unlimited - it all depends on how much you put in, and how much you know; but the more consistent you are, the higher your probability to score and scale high.

Note: Affiliate marketing can pay you off in the long run, far more than what your 5-9 jobs could ever in your whole lifetime. With affiliate marketing, you're opportune to multiple incomes streams, since :

  • you're not limited to promote just a single product,
  • you're exposed to the global market, hence, your chance to reach tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, or even billions of potential customers you can promote your products to them on the internet with digital marketing.
  • you're chance to earn recurring commissions depending on the type of product you're promoting in your niche,
  • you're earning potentials across the funnels like with digital products. On this, we'll throw more light on that below.
  • you're chance to even promote your own product(s) yourself, and
  • you're chance for other affiliates to join your affiliate program and promote it for you, giving you massive or exponential turnout income streams.

This is how far affiliate marketing can take you. First by promoting other people's products while learning across the curve to the point of creating and promoting your own personal product as you involve others doing the job together with you.

But your starting off from the starting point is fundamental to end you up with a whole company based on your dream.

5. It is something worth my time or worth giving a try?

100% yes... Is worth everything to give it a try. Affiliate marketing is without any doubt a highly profitable type of online business and worth your time. 

6. How do you begin in the first place?

To get started... 

  1.  Get a computer if you don't own one.

     2.  Chose the right niche of what you easily or best express yourself in.

     3. Get a website. And to do that first buy a Domain Name. A domain name is just like a general or specific address (name) of your website "you give" to the marketing brand of your choice as your own personal property that ends with an extension like .com, .co, .info, .net, .org, .uk, .site, etc.

The .com extension is common and the most popular (I recommend using that for a start). So, if you want to choose a Domain Name specific to your brand, let's say in Heath and Fitness Niche.

For example, it can be something like, "" This tells google and users what your website is all about and what it focuses on. It could still be something broad or more unique to you... like, or even your name associated with it.

But when you are more specific, it goes a long long way for better ranking and accessibility.

Note: Make sure to give or look for a name that is short and precise containing a maximum of two or three words combined, and at most 15 letters. But the best will be 11 letters or less.

     4. Get your website hosted by a trusted and reliable host. Your website is your own personal estate or property where you invest your time and money for profit. So, getting it hosted on a reliable and trusted host is essential, since they keep or serve your site data for you or users to access at any time.

Follow carefully every instruction given you by your host on how to set everything up. In the setup process, make sure to install Word Press to have a Word Press website.

     5. After this, create some important pages like the "About" page, to let people know what your site is all about with precision relating to what nature of solution it offers, the "Privacy Policy" page, of your site that tells them plainly the functions and rules your site plays on them the users, coming in to access any user data there.

"Terms of Use" page, Letting them know the legal rules of your site that bind them in the relationship between you, or your site and the users.

These are the first three most important pages that should be on your site before anything else.

     6. Start carrying out some research for more information about your brand on a broad or specific idea.

E.g, Make some research on how to make a review on a specific product in case you want to be carrying out product reviews to promote products or write a blog on topics relating to what you know perhaps by an experienced, or study that can be of great help to someone.

In fact, fill your site with free valuable, and useful content. 

     7. It's time to start monetizing your site.  First, see into it that you have a least 5 or 10 posts of useful content you published on your site to create traction or start getting traffic. 

     8. Join affiliate programs to get going with affiliates marketing. If you want to do affiliate marketing, do some reviews about products you want to recommend and publish them on your site and on social media like YouTube, FaceBook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter.

     9. At the back-end of your WordPress website, go to "add new plugin" and Look for a (free) plugin that will help you easily and automatically publish your content on those social media. 

As you publish on social media, it helps for site ranking and for traffic. The more you publish your content on your site and on social media the more the traffic. And the more the traffic the higher your chance to make more money.

Now, to do affiliate marketing you have to join one, two, or more affiliate programs to start the promotion of products of your choice in your niche.

What's An Affiliate Marketing Program And How Do You Know Which Is the Best?

An affiliate program is an automated electronic program that involves a Web advertiser (merchant) and a recruited webmaster (affiliates).

The affiliates placed the company's advertisements on their individually owned websites.

This could be by reviewing a product from the merchant's site, placing or advertising production on your own site, or posting Ads on other people's sites for a quick promotion.

The ads or products in affiliate programs are linked to company websites which are referred to as affiliate links.

Affiliates generally have to apply for the affiliate programs, though the majority of the affiliate programs cost nothing to join.

When an online visitor clicks on the Ads or product containing affiliate link, the visitor is redirected to the advertiser's website and if the customer/visitor makes a purchase, the affiliate is then paid a commission.

This is actually what it meant by Affiliate Marketing.

Generally, when you join any affiliate program or network the commission you're paid with, matters.

Getting to join any Affiliate Network, I strongly recommend you to join Digital Affiliate Programs like JVZoo, Digistore24, WarriorPlus, and ClickBank affiliate programs.

Take, for instance, an affiliate program well-known like Amazon Affiliate Program (known as Amazon Associate).

Amazon sells products like Electronics, books, clothes, supplements, house equipment, gift cards, etc.

The good this about the Amazon Affiliate Program is that you can sell anything of your choice, among tons (millions) of products available.

Amazingly, Amazon is a great affiliate program with a bunch of products you can easily just promote with high-quality banners that you can use on your site.

But a huge downside with Amazon here is the commission percentage right, as Amazon pays you just 5%-10% of the commission.

So, if you sell a book that costs around $25, you get a commission of just about  $1.25 - $2.5 per sale.

Hence, you will need a handful of sales to get a lot of money with such a program.

Contrarily, most Digital programs pay far more than that, on most of their products like with JVZoo and WarriorPlus, which some of their products offer 100% commission on the front end.

Typically, ClickBank or Digistore24 in addition offers 50%-75% commission rights of most of their products.

Moreover, some digital products known as High Ticket Offers, go as far as to bank you $1000 or more per sale. This means just making 5 sales a week gets you to $5000(+) a week.

In comparison, you'll have to sell a lot of Amazon's products to be able to make a lot of money.

But not so with digital affiliate programs, which is where you get a huge difference with your affiliate marketing as it permit you to earn more with this type of program.

Moreover, with digital affiliate programs, you'll not only earn big, but you earn commission on a three ways round process with some of their products.

For example, in JVZoo, WarriorPlus, and with some products on ClickBank or Digistore24, there are also sell's funnels where you literally can earn more commission across the funnels once the frontend is bought.

Not only that with digital products some of them also go along site with recurring commissions, which you earn consisted commission every month once just one of the products is bought as long as that particular consumer continues to use that product.

That is to say if you sell a digital product that offers a recurring commission of $25 to 20 people. That will amount to 25x20 = $500 you get every month as extra cash of no work done.

So, considering that you've sold a bunch of digital products that offer you recurring commissions to so many other people, that will certainly get you to a point collectively, where you simply earn thousands of US dollars a month without any work done on your part for that.

Besides all the above mention, you get more advantages selling some ClickBank products as they pay you by PPCs (i.e. Pay Per Clicks). 

This means you don't even need to sell the product first, after all, to get paid. 

All you just have to do is simply send traffic to that particular offer.

You get paid for each successive click-through or sign-up made on that offer, which could range probably from $1 up to $3 per click made depending on the type of offer.

Another downside with Amazon is they provide you with just so limited lifetime cookies, as you get just about 24 hours expiring time limit. 

That means if you like, review Amazon product to a customer from your site and that customer decides to clicks through your link from your site to their store without many any purchases within 24 hours but even if he/she comes, later on, to still buy the same product, you earn no commission.

But the good thing here is even if the customer buys through your link from your site within 24hours, or decides not to buy that same product but buy some other product(s) as redirected from your site, Amazon pays you for that product(s) bought.

Moreover, Amazon is a well-renown website store with credibility and trust...

This means the turnover selling amazon products is also pretty fast, thus not leaving you with an empty pocket at the end of the day as a promoter. Just know how to do the promotion - That's all.

In conclusion, the value of affiliate marketing is worth giving a try and these are the huge advantages of Affiliate marketing and at the same time when you join the best affiliate marketing program(s) to do online marketing to earn side income.

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Simply Express your portfolio in what you love or can do best and get Notified. Learn more from others to make it big.

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