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Massive Action Taker | The Driving Force Pushing Your Business Forward

You Must Be a Massive Action Taker

To be a massive action taker means, the ability to break free of stagnation and retrogression

Do you find it challenging to take massive action?

Remember, Real failing, is not when you fail trying, but when you fail to take action This is because success awaits only massive action takers. Being actionable towards what you want to achieve is the key.

For things to change you must change, but you must also do one more very important thing, take a strong decision to take massive action. Not taking decisions for any action you supposed means, “Stagnation”.

To take massive action is where change erupts and begins… Resist that which resists you to kick-start your new journey to success today… Single yourself and stand out from the crowd.

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You Must Be a Massive Action Taker

To Be a Massive Action Taker Is the Choice To break Into New Grounds to improve upon your achievements for better results or to experience something new; Which Is The Driving Force Pushing Your Business Forward. This is the secret behind your progress to attain the maximum height of success.

This means, with no action taken, no creativity, no productivity, no progress, no result, hence, no success.

For great men of success, are those who singled themselves out to face the challenge by taking massive action forward.

These are men of understanding who did not necessarily depend only on what they already know but trusted and believe in what they are yet to discover in the process and in their experience which they are to acquire going through the difficulties.

These are men who choose to be fearless, facing the challenge, which by their experienced and with what they have discovered, became initiators and creators of their own brand new ideas or concepts, principles, formulas, to the possibility they aspire for hence, their achievements and successes.

Reasons Why Many Find It So Difficult To Take Massive Action

Keeping any other external or sudden challenges that might come your way unexpectedly constant, there are several generic reasons why many find it so difficult to take massive action forward towards their goals respectively.

  1. The Fear To Fail.
  2. The Fear To Commit Error.
  3. The Fear To Lose.
  4. The Lack Of Willingness Or The Decision To Make Use Of Opportunities.
  5. Unbelieve And Doubts. Having the habit of always faced with uncertainty, unable to perceive clearly. Believing only in what they already have.
  6. Laziness.
  7. Lack Of Self Confidence.
  8. Complacency.

Understanding These Difficulties and How To Handle Them

1) The Fear To Fail

Fear is the highest limitation of self-exerted power that makes your feel horrible about a given situation. It is the negative force of retrogradation and deception, making you sharing back and flee. But you must conquer your fear with determination.

You fear not because the situation before you can’t be overcome, but because of the wrong information of your Personal ID (Personal Identity), you believe in, towards a given circumstance or situation.

You must keep trying even if it means failing a thousand times no matter the cost.

Moreover, when you fail trying, you’re 10 times better than the one who didn’t even attempt at all because you’re accumulating more experience that will turn into a testimony one day.

Know that, when you fail by trying, it means you’re still undergoing preparation to know the core secrets behind the fruitful path, lasting results, and remarkable success.

It means, the space given you to gain wisdom and understanding, skills, and the ability to unleashing your hidden potentials and to drive with efficiency, hence, your ability to generate real and lasting results with success and at the same time maximizing profits.

Very important to not… Your failing while trying is never the stop point but, the beginning of a re-generational process to help you achieve the above factors which are the required criteria.

Now hear the difference why many are poor

The rich are Rick bearers and action takers. While the poor are mute with fear of loss, doubtful, and unbelieving hence, taking no real action. Or even when they try but at the summit of difficulties or trier, they back-off.

The rich are strong, courageous, and confident. Whereas, the poor are shrunk down with fear and driven by unbelief thinking and believing it wouldn’t work or what if it doesn’t work…?

The rich by courage make things work for them by pursuing their challenges, not solutions. They look for where there are challenges to providing solutions by creating the right equations, hence providing values.

Moreover, creators (Entrepreneurs) as of great mind, seek or pursue challenges to fill the gaps, hence solution providers. They look for opportunities to spend or invest in.

Whereas the poor pursue solutions, they look for solutions just to consume, and can pay for it no matter what – most often for fear to face the challenge, and sometimes, sit back and expect things to work for them overnight.

While Creators get richer and richer for what they can produce, the poor get poorer and poorer for spending the little they can afford on what is produced for them for what they want to consume.

Check your mindset and belief system and adjust all the wrong mental Programmation (ideas) then adjust your steps and redo the process again… be determined to see the end of the matter if you’re labeling yourself for success.

Note that, you cannot remote control life if you cannot remote control the wrong ideas in you.

The first thing to correct is NOT what you did that is wrong but, the ideas the inspired your actions from within you. Remember, you can achieve anything you want in life, if only you’re able to overcome your fears and doubts.

2) The Fear To Commit Error

Real failure is when you fear to commit an error not because what your trying to do doesn’t work maybe, due to error. Many are afraid to commit errors for shame. But there’s no shame when you learn to be truthful to yourself.

It is quite challenging to face your errors or past life. But it is even more challenging not letting them go. Flexibility at this point to let go of the past is the key, by looking forward and focusing on your true self that is yet to be made manifest through the struggles.

The psychology of the seeker will tell you that each error you committed in your search becomes a ground of inspiration that adds more value to get the exact solution you’re about to acquire along the way.

Now, here is the little secret. Error is what birth forth leadership when possessed with the prospective Mind of Never Giving Up.

Hiden behind your errors in the womb of a great leader yet to be seen.

A leadership position is earned by thousands of errors corrected even if it means achieving just one thing in your entire life.

Therefore, any good leader should never be afraid to commit errors but should avoid repeating them.

Please, You may visit again soon to get the rest of the Reasons Why Many Find It So Difficult To Take Massive Action. I will bw coming up with that soon

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