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A Household-Name Social Internet Giant Just Released This Brand New  Feature to the Public… An Amazing Thing For All Marketers. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced online marketer, is something you need to know about.

Household-Name Social Internet Giant Just Released This Brand New Email List FREE App Feature to the Public… You’ve Never Seen This Before…

You already know if you want to make money online you basically have to build an email list. That’s what works and is proven. Just as the say goes that “the money is in the list”.

I don’t care if your franking Newbie in this old stuff. And when it comes to building your email list is howl, where you don’t even know where to start and how to begin building your list.

But there’s a big hurdle to that… even if you find a way to get going…

The big challenge here is you need an autoresponder.

But five major problems here are;

1) Autoresponders take time to set them up & are expensive.

2) They cost you a monthly fee. You have to pay GetResponse $15/month, Aweber $19/month, LeadPage $27/month, etc…. for an autoresponder and that’s just the minimum amount for a plan, something a lot of people can’t or won’t be able to afford consistently. 

3) The basic plans or free plans leave you with no other option but to bear with their little functionalities and with a fixed amount of subscriptions per plan.

4) The more you upload or want more subscribers the more the increase of your monthly subscription fees. So, the more the list, the more the money.

Autoresponders can be complicated and difficult to set up, and sometimes you face deliverability issues.

5) Above all, you’re subject to put up everything fast enough so as to start building your list, start generating income through your list to meet up before the expired dateline for your free trial.

If not, you begin running your business with your autoresponder at a deficit or you wouldn’t have enough space for subscribers for a huge email list building considering when using a free plan or basic plan.

But What If I Told You that You Can Do All Of That Even While You Create A Professional Emails and While Building Up a Huge Email List Without Spending a Dime?

Yes, you heard me said it…building a huge email list WITHOUT spending a dime. And not just that delivering your mails all time, to all your subscribers still for free.

A major platform with a household name just added a brand new function to their platform where you can blast or broadcast professional emails using their Email List FREE App Features. 

It is basically an autoresponder that allows you to build a real email list to any extent that you can; broadcast real newsletters to your subscribers…

Absolutely 100% for free.

Let me say that again…

You can build a list, an email list of subscribers, just like you would with a regular autoresponder. And you can broadcast email newsletters to those subscribers just like you would in your normal autoresponder.

And it is absolutely 100% FREE!

It is from a major household-name internet behemoth platform; Well renowned.

The reason it’s free and is even priceless is that they are a giant platform, and they value their users more than just charging their users to use their product.

Seriously, I have never been so excited about a platform like this.

How Much You Can Do There

With this platform, you can even import your own email list to any extent from your other autoresponder!

If you’re like me and you’ve got thousands of people on your email list
already in another autoresponder, you can import those subscribers to this platform and mail them always for free!

PLUS, you can easily export the subscribers you get with this out to your other autoresponders with a click of a button as well.

In fact, they have integrations with Zapier, Aweber, and many others where you can just zap them over to your other autoresponders if you want. 

Not just that…, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Because they have another functionality level to this… (still free)

Like, you can create a “premium” email list where you can charge people a monthly recurring fee to be on that list to your own benefit!

That means, you Creating a “ premium membership” where they are to be subscribers to your premium email newsletters, they’ll pay you monthly, and you decide how much each subscriber should pay. Fantastic!!!

The Best Part is, it doesn’t cost you a dime!

Moreover, you can sell or send your subscribers whatever you want them to buy as long as they’re on the list.

It could be promos, affiliate stuff, your products, other people’s products,
physical eCom stuff, whatever you want.

And then, you can also offer them the ability to join your “premium” list where you charge them a recurring fee for that.

On this, you get two possible ways to make even more money; through your premium email list for a monthly recurring fee and from the products you offer to your subscribers both the premium membership and to those who just normally subscribed to your newsletters.

But remember, your newsletter stuff must have some value worth buying to keep them in. Not just all about what you want to offer them.

Getting Your FREE Subscriber Using This Platform Is Easy!

You could as well possibly get subscribers or more members to join your premium newsletter membership if what you’re giving them is really of value and more professional.

Hence, if you’re already in the online space stuff of marketing, it will be quite easy for you. For example, re-targeting those who already know and value your products or services online to join, just like those in your Facebook group who know you and love what you’re giving them.

And if you have a website, you could even embed your subscription form from this platform on your site or download and install a free plugin of your form right on your site to attract more subscribers from there. 

This’s the case where you sent visitors and get more traffic to your Newsletter from your site when they subscribed and you keep promoting products to them every time and then.

To crown this all, right from the App platform, you get this special opportunity for your newsletter profile page to be indexed and rank on google search engine where you get subscribers directly from the google search engine itself, due to this App’s high domain authority ranking level on google.

This is not all, this platform cares about you getting traffic or subscribers to your newsletters, and had also integrated with top social medial platforms for you to simply connect your account with them to drive traffic from there directly,

WONDERFUL! Right? In my tutorial, I’ll show you how this works.

In addition to the use and value of this tool, you get a section there called “Insight” where you’re able to see the Performance from different datelines of Growth, and the Engagement rate.


In the Performance area, you’re able to know two major things, which are very important when sending emails, like the “Open Rate” and “Click Rate” of email sent. This enables you to determine the performance of emails you send to your subscribers hence, helping you alternate between different strategic approaches for better performance.


In the Growth area, you’re able to know how much your list is growing. There you’re to know how many subscribers have subscribed either through your Profile, through Import, through API, or Manually added.


Whereas, in the Engagement area, you can compare within a given month limit of your subscribers, as this helps you to know how much is your engagement rate whether between a certain amount of months where you got “High Engagement, Medium Engagement, Low Engagement or No Engagement at all.

What’s even more surprising is, you don’t even need to buy a domain name to create a professional email address with your domain name. This platform provides that while creating your free account, still for free.

This is cool which is what I really love!

I see this as a great opportunity and a huge advantage. One could never believe such a platform as this does exist.

The Question here is…

If this App Is This Dam-Free, What’s Then Their Benefits?

Well, Just as mentioned before, this household social platform doesn’t actually mind about all of that but has more value to their users to keep them on their platform.

However, the premium area of subscription, where your premium subscribers pay you some amount of subscription monthly fees, is sub-divided into 3 folds.

This is where the software you use for your newsletters integrated into this platform deducts a tiny percentage of 5% (say $1 or $0.25 for $5), depending on the amount you set up.

And this social platform as well deducts another tiny fraction (not also up to $1 i.e. $0.25 too from this amount), then the rest will be yours. This may sound so good to be true. Right?

Yes, but it’s a fact, and what your own very eyes are going to see. I’m going to charge you a few bucks less than $12 for this exposure of what you’re going to discover soon and for what I’m going to still show you thereafter in the tutorial.

[If after all you don’t see all that I’ve told you here then prove yourself out to me with clear details via this address, and I’ll refund the full amount spend].

It takes literally about 10-30 or 45 minutes to set up, if that it’s so stinking easy, depending on how you want your newsletter profile page or settings to look.

I put up a tutorial where you’re gonna set it up yourself quite easily; all the steps are all upright in front of you.

In way less than an hour from right now you can be fully set up ready to take subscribers and ready to send them emails and make some money.

Again, 100% for FREE. Of course it’s a good news, right?

And by the way…

You don’t need a lead capture page or website EVER…, If You Care!

Say goodbye to expensive & complicated page builders! No more monthly Fees… sell your products to your subscribers directly if you want.

Everything is built right in to this one platform.

It takes just a couple of clicks to set up the feature where people subscribe to your list.

No building any websites, anytime, ever! 

Set this thing up in 10 – 45 minutes you’re ready to go.

This is truly going to make it so easy for people that have never had an
email list before or does not have the opportunity to pay for an email autoresponder. 

They go as far as to provide you the opportunity to connect to different social media platforms to get more subscribers to your newsletter, where you can then promote your products to them. 

Just hit the buy button below. 

Don’t even give it a second thought. I don’t care if you’re a brand spanking newbie or you’ve been doing this forever…

You’re going to see the massive value in this yourself. And there’s No regret for this at all.

Just Click the buy button below now because you wouldn’t love to be sorry!

If you’re ready to BREAK FREE from the difficulties of your monthly charges with other email marketing tools then give your business a try to this opportunity to fly freely at No Cost to you at all with this tool.

It is For You whether you’re a Pro in this old stuff or still starting out.

To Pay Today $17, $10 Only

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