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Here are just a few testimonials of ConversioBot users.

Gasser Samy, Newbie Marketer


I found it very easy to setup my own Chatbot. In a few clicks I loaded a Template and then I made a few custom changes. In under five minutes the Bot was ready to be activated on my website.
Vinoth Permaul, Intermediate Marketer


I set up a landing page with ConversioBot and tested it against my usual optin page with a webform. I used a Done-For-You Template and integrated it with my Sendlane account in around 7 minutes. In just one week the Bot built me a list of 486 subscribers! It was so much faster than using a Webform. I also increased my sales by 81%!
Jason Mangrum, Experienced Marketer


ConversioBot is a quantum leap in marketing technology. To be honest, I thought it was going to be a complicated process, and I was ready to roll up sleeves and sink my teeth in. Imagine my surprise when I created my first fully functional chatbot in about 2 minutes. The future is here. Within the next 3-5 years, most websites will be leveraging chatbot technology. It is the next evolution of marketing. You can jump ahead of 99% of your competition by getting this software now and being first in line for the golden age of AI.

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