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Our mission is to provide you with the very best of services and tools for your marketing projects. Your success is our goal, and this is our drive.

Is our joy to keep your business rolling and making more revenues. We provide you with plug-and-play automated software products, information, and resources that ensure your success.

We make the research and test what works best and provide you the solution you need. Join us to make this journey a successful one together.

About Software Estates

Hi, I'm Sungnyin Emmanuel  Software Estates CEO.

Softwareestates.com is based on valuable software products for marketing, meant for small and medium-size business owners.

And it is affiliated with top affiliate marketing Networks sites like ClickBank, WarriorPlus, JVZoo, and Digistore24.

E.g. On this site, I provide you reviews especially on products that we've bought ourselves and tested proven to work for us or other website owners, or related companies using them; most especially such products that are newbie-friendly, both for beginners and for experts in affiliate marketing that want to promote such products as well or need them for personal use.

In addition, this site is also an information-based site as I endeavor to provide useful information, strategies, or courses on affiliate marketing, blogging, or Entrepreneurship.

My prime motivation is to help especially beginners who are willing and will love to engage in the global market economy virtually (with internet marketing) to reach the stage of achieving success in their business careers.

My Goal And Focus Is to Tackle Related Online Marketing Challenges

From my past experiences, I understand that doing online marketing like affiliate marketing is quite tasking when considering challenges in areas like, 

  • getting a domain,
  • get hosted on a suitable host, 
  • setting up your site appropriately, which you must have at least some basic knowledge or some skills on Web design and creating pages, 
  • filling it with valuable content, which requires a certain extent of knowledge on how to express your portfolio and...., money and time spent, etc, plus the patience to wait till your site get populated and start generating your income,
  • The demand to start Driving Traffic to offers such as paid traffic, social media traffic, or SEO knowledge base for google free traffic, 
  • creating reviews, 
  • monetization and so on...

All these require a great deal of patience, work done and budgets to spend along the way.

With such huge demands, many who engaged gave up, ending the journey halfway. 

Whereas, others who could barely persevere find it so difficult to make money with their products or affiliate marketing in the virtual market world. In reality, it's quite so challenging and discouraging.

These are some of the lapses where software Estates comes in. However, Software Estates may or may not necessarily teach you how to tackle these difficulties stated above generically.

[We love doing things in a more specific way uniquely. I want to know the point exactly that's hitting your head down, to give you a well-defined unique guide or direction]. 

My goal or focus is to bridge you through these difficult processes, taking the smart way with something quite simple and facilitating methods as possible by giving you or exposing specific approaches you should take.

We also cut-shot the way for you by introducing you to a better-tested process, strategies, formula, and the use of automation, you should rather take to get your product fast and quick right at the front of hungry customers. And with what it requires to make them happy buyers.

But remember, there's No short-cut; easy get-rich-quick scheme process here. Our endeavor is to simplify things in the most attainable and achievable way and in those areas you find it difficult and or get stock down. 

However, one of my main goals on this platform for you as a beginner is to make available what you could not normally be able to make available for yourself.

For example, like free access to valuable tools or valuable free training courses we've bought from top affiliates or have acquired as bonuses. 

This is important as Software Estates may help you thus far for a good start.

Though in many instances, I may provide you with recommended affiliate products, however, my main concern in all is to buy and use them myself before presenting them to you to help you know exactly what challenge it can tackle and what proven solution it offers if you were to use it.

To go a little further, please read our Privacy Policy on how we relate with you and how we use your data.

In the meantime, feel free to join us in our newsletters for weekly and monthly new ideas or updates on these subjects.

And in case you need special attention or any assistance don't hesitate to contact me Here. where you will be redirected to get to me one-on-one based on your specific need. I will be more than happy to get you through.

Best Wishes.

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